We have been constantly thinking over a few years to commence an e-magazine featuring various attributes of the glorious Vishistadhvaitha sampradhaayam established by our Jagadhaachaaryan, Emperumaanaar and further nurtured by numerous Acharyas from the Guru Paramparai.

With the divine grace of the Divya Dhampathis and Guru paramparai, we have developed this website to bring our e-magazine to the world. This e-magazine will be a monthly edition with the facility to go back and look into the previous editions under archived section.

The main objective of this website is to share our sampradhayam related subjects, events and traditions across the world and to give the future generations a glimpse of our sampradhaayam and its vaibhavam.

As Sri Andaal quotes in Thiruppaavai, “Ariyaadha pillaigalom anbinaal”, we have initiated this divine journey with immense love and respect for our sampradhaayam and if there is any mistake, it might be due to our ignorance and we seek your apologies for the same. Please contact us at the email or , so that we can update the correct information.

Seeking the blessings and support of all the bhaagavathas to cherish and glorify our Ramanuja Sampradhaayam for centuries to come.

Anyone who like to contribute articles to this site, please contact us through the email address or We are encouraging kids to come up with articles as well, as we believe this will help them to research and learn more about our Sampradhaayam.

Admin has all rights to select the articles to be published in any particular month’s edition.

Adiyen ,

Ramanuja Dasan.

Kazhuperumpakkam Kandhadai Sundaravaradan Parthasarathy